All meats are priced per pound. Packages vary in weight, however ground products & linked sausages are generally around 1 lb in size with the exception of our Sausage Breakfast Links that are an average of 1/2 pound. Chops come 2 per package and weight will vary according to chop thickness. Custom cuts are available by special order. Please call to order 828-429-9312 or 828-625-0979. Use the Order Form Below to email Vandele Farms with your order. pork graphic  
Pork Cuts
Whole Pork Tenderloin $13.99/lb
T Bone Loin Chops $11.49/lb
Pork Chops $9.49/lb
Pork Loin Roast $9.79/lb
Butts $7.25/lb
Boneless Ham Roasts $7.99/lb
St. Louis Ribs $7.29/lb
Spare Ribs $5.49/lb
Baby Back Ribs/whole $7.99/lb
Ground Pork $6.25/lb
Ground Pork Sausage-medium/hot $6.49/lb
Sausage Breakfast Links $9.49/lb
Linked Bratwurst $8.99/lb
Linked Cajun Sausage $8.99/lb
Linked Kielbasa $8.99/lb
Linked Italian Sausage $8.99/lb
Fresh Bacon-Market Sliced $9.15/lb
Whole Belly/Middlin $7.99/lb
Fatback $3.99/lb
Salted fatback $4.19/lb
Pork country ribs/Backbones $3.99/lb
Hocks $3.99/lb
Pork Liver $3.99/lb

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