About Us

Vandele Farms on Cedar Creek is a family owned farm located in Lake Lure of Western Rutherford County,NC. Owners Larry & Kathleen Crocker have been raising their own beef and pork for personal use & sharing with their friends for many years. Just like us, folks are becoming increasingly aware of the foods they put in their bodies and the associated health issues. Eating chemical, additive and antibiotic-free meats is fast becoming a priority.  Add to it a genuine concern for animal welfare and the desire to support the local economy, and buying farm raised products is something folks can feel good about. At Vandele Farms we have a farrow to finish pork operation. Our pigs are bred, born, and raised on our farm and never leave our farm until it's time for processing. They live full and happy lives, always on pasture, in community with each other and are offered an all-vegetarian grain with no preservatives, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Keeping it in the family, our beef is produced in likewise fashion at Big Oak Farm (our niece and nephew's century old farm located in Cabarrus county NC).  Big Oak Farm direct market beef & pork products at the Conover & Davidson Farmers markets.      

A little bit of history...

Larry Crocker began working at a home dairy farm at the age of 14. He went on to numerous other farm-related occupations, everything from truck farming to raising cattle, hogs, sheep, to working in a meat-processing facility. Eventually, he settled on horses as a means of livelihood, including breeding, buying and selling, breaking and training horses and eventually owning and operating public trail riding barns which included outfitting / packing trips and operating several camp programs, as well as providing numerous others with their camp /  program horses.  Intermingled with his horse endeavors, Larry raised cattle, sheep, hogs and truck farmed on the side.  His love of stock and the farm life was supported by a landscaping / site work / retaining wall business. Kathleen Crocker began riding lessons at age 10 and worked at several barns during high school and college years.  After graduating college, Kathleen went to work at one of the public trail riding barns Larry owned and they eventually married.  Under Larry’s tutelage, Kathleen learned to break horses and after achieving a teaching certification and then her Clinic Instructors rating with the Certified Horseman’s Association (CHA) eventually took over the camp programs and began a small lesson program. When the economy took a downturn and the camp program shut down,  family members, Mike & Dawn Smith (owners of Big Oak Farm)  encouraged Larry & Kathleen to begin raising pigs for the purposes of broadening their market to include pork products and forming a "family enterprise" of sorts. Accepting that farm animals are a food source is the normal course of farm life.  Ensuring that the farm animals raised at VF on CC as well as Big Oak Farm, live their lives out as naturally and happily as possible is of the utmost priority to both Larry & Kathleen. Order Online or Call us at 828-429-9312. Thank you so much for your business!